nedeľa, 8. mája 2011

Check out these websites!

Wether you are or you are not a fan of Guerilla and Buzz Marketing, I have uploaded few articles with an oposite arguments and negative examples.

Morality in Advertising – this Blog website promotes the idea of morality in advertising. You can see few examples that I have used as a negative Guerilla Marketing. They might be considered as offensive and unethical. Advertisers took a huge risk with promoting these ads at public places. The reaction of society was negative.

Personal Experience - example of Guerilla Marketing used by Idocomtech company after computer exhibition. Here we can see how Guerilla Marketing  destroys all pisitive feeling about the product

 Negative Buzz – this website presents examples of negative buzz marketing of particular companies which were not succesfull and recieved negative responces from their target audience.

 False and Misleading Advertising Online – the article talks about the streering, buzz marketing and dishonesty that could be experienced by potential client. It discusses the right of the customer to know exact and  truthful information about the product.

2 komentáre:

  1. I see from your picture that despite the fact that passers-by can be offended at these particular ads, it is a good (and cheap) way to promote awareness in a creative way.

  2. Tammy, yes, but for example the picture with the drowned kid in the swimming pool. I think it is not appropriate to be placed in children's swimming pool. This form of awareness might be traumatic for a kid and for parents as well...there can be a "softer" way to inform about child's safety...